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    Streamlining your Business Processes through Technology

    We'll help you decide which technologies are right for your business.Deciding on which technology (hardware, software or service) to incorporate into your business can be a daunting task. Manufacturers and vendors may hype their technology as a must have in order to run your business effectively. Friends or peers are more than happy to advise you on the new methodology, gadget or software solution out there. However, few will truly take the time to make a full assessment of your business by conducting employee interviews, studying business processes, and assessing your existing IT infrastructure solutions to find the best IT solution for your unique needs..

  • About Our Company

    DeLider Technologies inc. is a Software Development Consulting provider with over 20+ years of experience within the Information Technology Industry. We opened office in the Philippines in 2008 in Makati. We specialize in providing quality, streamlined and scalable solutions through a combination of process improvements, the use of cutting edge technologies and the latest business and software development methodologies. DeLider is different from every other consulting provider. We not only know the latest technologies, we specialize in implementing technology solutions for developing countries. Not every business has the luxury of being located in a country with advanced infrastructure. DeLider truly makes your business a leader by taking into account infrastructure, budgetary and resource constraints to deliver the latest and greatest technology solution to meet your growing business needs.

    Our Team

    Fernando Ria Genando Paolo
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    Our Partners

    Microsoft Partner
    Microsoft Certified partner can provide Microsoft services and products on behalf of Microsoft worldwide spanning many fields including OEM, Education, Software providers and Technical Support. Microsoft partners also have 24-hour access to Microsoft Support, which enables them to give better customer relations and support to a customer.

    IBM Partner
    IBM PartnerWorld Member has the access needed to begin building and selling IBM- Based solutions, products and services on behalf of IBM.

    WSI approved reseller
    WSI Approved Reseller can sell software and hardware products distributed by WSI such as (software) Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk 3DS Max, Autocad, Corel, McAfee, Norton, etc. (hardware) HP, Allied Telesis, Inc., DASCOM, IBM, Jabra by GN Netcom, Phoenix UPS, RICOH - InfoPrint Solutions Company, Sony Corporation, etc

    Millennium Dealer
    Millenium Computer Technology Corp. Dealer can sell software and hardware products distributed by Millenium such as Seagate, Microsoft OEM, SanDisk, Samsung, Kingston, PNY, etc.
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    Our Affiliates

    Del Rosario Design Group inc.
    The Del Rosario Design Group inc. was formed to provide creative and diverse solutions for the development of all types of building projects. Our professional disciplines include architectural design, interior architecture, programming and analysis, space planning, specifications, plan review for code compliance, contract administration, project management, and construction management. Throughout the years, the company has participated in various projects from residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, clubhouse sports complex, health and recreational facilities, airport terminals, commercial interiors, off-shore contact center environments, and IT Park Campus Developments in the Philippines.

    Zarand Lending Corp.
    Zarand specializes in providing loans to seafarers, releasing a loan in 30 to 45 minutes, with competitive rates and with minimal documentation. Zarand Lending Corporation is the only company that gives free one-hour seminars on Personal Financial Management, Entrepreneurship and Investing. Zarand provides three distinct services:
    • 1. Advisory Services • we review your delivery of Critical Service Areas to seafarers
    • 2. Financial Services • we specialize in quick release, all-purpose loans to seafarers
    • 3. Trainings and seminars • we enhance the productivity level, financial skills and level of team cooperation of seafarers
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    Career Info

    Here at DeLider Technologies Inc., we are always looking for new talent. Not only will you be working with the latest technologies and programs, you will receive training to expand your skills and experience. DeLider Technologies has many exciting opportunities for highly motivated, bright and passionate individuals who want to not only to grow their careers, but be part of a fast growing company in the software development and information technology industry. We have openings for hardcore programmers to the artistic graphic designer. Below is a list of our current open positions:

    .Net Developer business analyst graphic artist
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    .Net Developer

    Job Profile:
    The developer will be involved in the design and development of desktop, web, and cloud based applications. He/she will develop code using Test Driven Developement practices while writing code that is performant, maintainable and scalable. He/she will also work with project management, analysis and the test team to provide estimates and ensure quality fo the software


    .Net Framework 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0, ASP.Net, C#, LINQ, nUnit, Entity Framework or nHibernate, SQL Server 2005/2008, HTML, Javascript, AJAX, CSS, XML, XSLT, WCF, WPF and Silverlight.

    Job Requirements:
    • - Must have at least two (2) years of experience as a Software developer
    • - Excellent knowledge of the .Net Framework and Object Oriented Design and Development.
    • - Experience developing web based applications using MVC or MVP design patterns on the ASP.Net platform.
    • - Relevant experience in UML and project documentation (program specifications, unit test plans, technical design, etc.) would be a plus.
    • - Must have exceptional skills in programming, debugging, application maintenance, system integration and system installation and solution design.
    • - Familiarity with N-Tier, SOA and REST architectures.
    • - Experience with the development methodologies such as Agile, Scrum and SDLC.
    • - Excellent English oral and written communication skills.
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    Business Analyst

    Job Profile:
    The Systems Analyst position requires strong business and analytic skills. The individual will consult with users to identify current operating procedures and to clarify program objectives. He/She will also be responsible for writing documentation to describe business requirements as well as translating those requirements to a usable functional specification. He/She will also be responsible being the liaison with the development and test teams for our clients and business users. The individual will provide business and functional expertise and recommendations in assessing feature functionalities on enhancements to existing or new Microsoft based systems. They will also identify opportunities that can improve efficiency of business processes. In addition they will investigate and resolve application functionality related issues and provide first level support and troubleshooting for our customized applications.

    Microsoft Office products, MS Project, Visio, Software Development Life Cycle Methodologies. SharePoint 2003/2007 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an advantage.
    Job Requirements:

    • - Strong analytical and problem solving skills
    • - Must be able to demonstrate knowledge of software development methodology (i.e Agile/SCRUM, SDLC, etc.)
    • - Functional experience with systems networking, databases, Web development, and user support
    • - Background in Microsoft .NET, Visual Basic, Excel, Word, Outlook and HTML
    • - Good working knowledge skills with Microsoft Office Products, Microsoft Visio, and Microsoft Project
    • - Working knowledge of SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM would be an asset
    • - Experience in the development and implementation of standards, procedures and guidelines to support operational processes
    • - Strong project management skills with effective results focus within an information systems environment
    • - Self-motivated with the ability to prioritize, meet deadlines, and manage changing priorities
    • - Proven ability to be flexible and hard working, both independently and in a team environment, in a high pressure on-call environment with changing priorities
    • - Excellent English oral and written communication skills
    • - A results oriented individual who thrives working in a fast paced environment
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    Web/Graphics Designer and Content Developer

    Job Profile:
    The web/graphic designer will be involved in the development of user interfaces and websites for various software projects. He/she will collaborate with clients and project managers in order to analyze, develop and test the general look and feel of the user interface and ensure that it meets the requirements of the end users.

    Job Requirements:

    • - Expert skills using HTML, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery.
    • - Must be an expert in all Abode CS4+ products, especially Photoshop and Adobe Premiere
    • - Needs to be familiar with SilverLight
    • - Experience in designing user friendly and visually stunning user interfaces.
    • - Able to create hand drawn elements
    • - Must be detailed oriented
    • - Must be self-motivated, passionate, analytical and possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • - Excellent English oral and written communication skills

    HTML, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, Adobe CS4+ Products, Drawing, Video Editing, Photo Manipulation and Silverlight.

  • Go e!

    Technology can no longer be considered a passing trend. It is now seen as how the latest technology trend will benefit me. Understanding the impact of the "e" concepts is fundamental to move forward in this rapidly changing eUniverse. By understanding all these new concepts and components we can make greater use of the opportunities provided by the internet. This is where DeLider can lead your organization into leveraging technology within our EDUniverse and BIZniverse solutions. "e" does not represent electronic in the traditional sense. DeLider's "e" stands for engaging, enabling and empowering.


    Other Services

    • • Software Development
    • • iOS/iPad applications
    • • Android Applications
    • • Mobile Devices Applications
    • • eCommerce Website Design
    • • Website Design and Development
    • • System Integration
    • • Remote Administration
    • • Data Management
    • • Data Capture Services
    • • Scanning and Imaging
    • • Keyboarding
    • • Data Repository
    • • Customer Care Management
    •    (Call Center Type Management)
    • • Approved Microsoft Software Provider
    • • Custom reporting, Executive
    •     Reporting, Dashboards and Report
    •     Analytics
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    Welcome to the BIZniverse


    The BIZniverse is a fully incorporated Universe of complex business units. All business units' inputs and outputs are integrated. Information is entered one time and flows through the whole system. There are no redundancies or duplication of work and effort. The BIZniverse focuses on critical success factors that include streamlined business processes, clear data driven decision making, establishing true leadership support within the Business, developing a nurturing business model, and sustains the changes throughout the global business environment. Employees and Managers work with greater resourcefulness and most importantly enhancing their individual skills within the BIZniverse. Employees and Managers are assisted by the latest technologies and new Business Methodologies to become eUsers. Who are eUsers, what do they do? eUsers work with the BIZniverse to work more efficiently. eUsers are well-organized, proactive, collaborative and most importantly engage, enable and empower their peers, managers/supervisors and clients. Follow DeLider to GO e and bring your Business into the BIZniverse

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    Discover the EDUniverse


    It is no longer a question of whether or not we will implement eLearning in our classrooms, but whether we will do it well. The days of the talk and chalk classroom experiences as the ONLY form of teaching is becoming a thing of the past. DeLider will engage, enable and empower Teachers with the tools and solutions to keep their students competitive within the global community and ever changing technology trends.

    What is the EDUniverse?
    eLearning in the traditional sense is electronic learning. It is made of a vast network of complex learning ecosystems. The EDUniverse takes all these ecosystems and streamlines them into one cohesive powerful Universe which helps engage, enables, and empowers Teachers and Students. The EDUniverse is more than just the latest innovation of technology itself and the content it carries (ie converting textbooks into electronic format and reading on an eReader). It focuses on critical success factors that include the build of a learning culture, establishing true leadership support within the educational system, developing a nurturing learning model, and sustains the changes throughout the global educational environment. Students learn through performance, practice, and most importantly building on their individual learning style. Teachers are assisted by the latest technologies and new Teaching Methodologies to become eTeachers.

    Who are eTeachers, what do they do?
    eTeachers work with the EDUniverse to augment their teaching style in order to cater to each individual student's needs both in the regular and virtual classrooms. eTeachers are pioneers, interactive, collaborative and most importantly engage, enable and empower their colleagues, students and parents. Follow DeLider to GO e and bring your school into the EDUniverse.

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    Explore the SOLIniverse


    Games have been around for as long as we can remember. Like many childhood memories, the games we play or the comic books we read as a child still have a special place in our hearts as we head towards adulthood. DeLider Technologies embraces this concept and brings a whole new learning experience to the table, breaking the boundaries of traditional learning. Not only does DeLider empower, enable, and engage the teachers, we aim to do the same for the students with fun interactive tools that will boost their learning experience.

    The SOLIniverse, a Social and Intellectual universe, is a bionetwork for the young and the young at heart. We provide a range of games that addresses the needs of every individual. From educational to mindless games, all our games have an important message DeLider Technologies would like to convey. Be it the importance of learning our ABC's at an early age or the social impact of social actions, our games are not only for mindless entertainment. We would like to believe it is our social responsibility to empower every single individual. We are more than just a run of the mill software development house.

    The SOLIniverse is not only for games, but is anything the social environment has to offer. From website design to video editing, DeLider Technologies has you covered. We have a team of specialized graphic artists and developers that can perform many different visual designs and captivating effects. Combining corporate and art is a difficult and time daunting task. DeLider Technologies has the resources to help you and your company marry the two seamlessly.

  • Our Products

    • C.O.R.E

      Time Management Made Easy!


      Demographic report manager.

    • I.N.D.E.x

      Inventory report database.


      Customizable Archive Database.

    • R.E.I.D

      Registration made easy.


      Bug Report Tracker.

    A Customizable Universe

    Each of the DeLider products are in fact small modules that can be integrated into one complete system that will address your company's needs. No longer will you have to deal with several standalone programs to complete your business. Some of the major problems of having several disconnected standalone programs is the data integrity and the amount of time it will take to create a simple report. DeLider Technologies can integrate and automate your business processes, and with a click of a button it can perform a number of tasks for you within minutes. The preparation of a payroll for a hundred thousand employees will take mere minutes with the right combination of modules.

    It is is your company, your time, your needs. Why not have a system that is built solely for you!
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